Mitsubishi Colt (with 1983 for 1993 of release)
1. The maintenance instruction of cars Mitsubishi Colt / Lancer / Mirage / Galant / Eterna / Saporro / Sigma / Magna / Cordia / Tredia / Precis with 1983 for 1993 of release
2. Adjustment and current maintenance service
3. The engine
3.1. Technical characteristics
3.2. The general information and engine identification
3.3. The repair operations, which carrying out it is possible without removal of the engine from the car
3.4. A cover of valves - removal and installation
3.5. Коромысла - removal, check and installation
3.6. Springs of valves, fastenings and overlays - replacement
3.7. Hydraulic regulators of valves - removal, check and installation
3.8. Газораспределительный a belt and asterisks - removal, check and installation
3.9. A forward epiploon of a cranked shaft - replacement
3.10. Camshafts - removal, check and installation
3.11. An inlet collector - removal and installation
3.12. A final collector - removal and installation
3.13. A head of cylinders - removal and installation
3.14. The oil pallet - removal and installation
3.15. The oil pump - removal, check and installation
3.16. A flywheel - removal and installation
3.17. A back epiploon of a cranked shaft - replacement
3.18. Engine support - check and replacement
4. An engine partition
5. Systems of cooling, heating and an air conditioning
6. The power supply system and release of the fulfilled gases
7. An engine electric equipment
8. Systems of decrease in toxicity of exhausts
9. A mechanical transmission
10. An automatic transmission
11. Coupling and semiaxes
12. Brake system
13. A suspension bracket and a steering
14. A body
15. A body electric equipment



3.12. A final collector - removal and installation

Attention! Before the beginning of works, necessarily allow to the engine to cool down completely.
1. Disconnect a wire from the minus plug of the accumulator. In 16 клапанных engines Galant SOHC and DOHC remove the fan of the air conditioner.
2. Put the car on a manual brake and block back wheels. Lift the car and fix it on the supports established under axes.

11.3 Braid nuts (are specified by an arrow)

3. Braid nuts, which крепят an exhaust system to a back part of a final collector (11.3).
4. In engines of carburettor type remove the air filter.
5. Disconnect a wire of the oxygen gauge.

11.6 Braid nuts (are specified by arrows) tubes of system of giving of air (1,5)

6. If the engine is equipped by system submitting air in a final collector, unscrew a nut of a tube of this system (11.6) and disconnect a tube from a final collector.

11.7 Unscrew bolts of the fire-resistant screen (are specified by arrows) (2,0)

7. Unscrew three bolts крепящих a fire-resistant partition (11.7) and remove a partition.

11.8 Braid fixing nuts of a final collector (are specified by arrows) (2,0)

8. Braid fixing nuts of a final collector (11.8), arms and details of final system.
9. Get a collector from engine branch.
10. Check up and clean all carving fastenings.
11. Accurately clean off the rests of an old lining from a joined surface and examine a surface on presence of deterioration and cracks.

11.12 Establish a lining (1,5)

12. Establish a new lining on adjusting pins (11.12), establish a collector and tighten nuts till the demanded moments of an inhaling.
13. Establish the remained details.
14. Get the engine and check up, whether there are no leaks in an exhaust system.

3.11. An inlet collector - removal and installation

3.13. A head of cylinders - removal and installation