Mitsubishi Colt (with 1983 for 1993 of release)
1. The maintenance instruction of cars Mitsubishi Colt / Lancer / Mirage / Galant / Eterna / Saporro / Sigma / Magna / Cordia / Tredia / Precis with 1983 for 1993 of release
2. Adjustment and current maintenance service
3. The engine
4. An engine partition
5. Systems of cooling, heating and an air conditioning
6. The power supply system and release of the fulfilled gases
7. An engine electric equipment
8. Systems of decrease in toxicity of exhausts
9. A mechanical transmission
10. An automatic transmission
11. Coupling and semiaxes
12. Brake system
13. A suspension bracket and a steering
14. A body
15. A body electric equipment
15.1. The general description
15.2. Detection of malfunctions in electric equipment system - the general description
15.3. Safety locks - the general description
15.4. Burnt through crosspieces - the general description
15.5. Automatic switches - the general description
15.6. The relay - the general description
15.7. The ignition lock - removal and installation
15.8. The combined switch - removal and installation
15.9. Headlights of head light - removal and installation
15.10. Headlights of head light - adjustment
15.11. Replacement of bulbs
15.12. A speedometer rope - removal and installation
15.13. An instrument guard - removal and installation
15.14. Cruise-control system - the description and check
15.15. Electric стеклоподъемники - the description and check
15.16. The central lock - the description and check
15.17. Electric equipment schemes - the general description



15.5. Automatic switches - the general description

As on some models automatic switches join back after deenergizing in case of an overload in a chain, the switched off switch for an instant will disconnect a chain, and then, will return it in a working condition. If the switch back does not join, immediately check up an electric chain. Do not forget, however, that after operation it is necessary to return some automatic switches in an initial condition manually.
After elimination of a source of malfunction in chains, the automatic switch will work normally.
For returning of the automatic switch in an initial condition disconnect a wire of the negative plug of the accumulator. Remove the switch, insert a thin spoke or something similar into a small aperture of the switch and press on it so that to hear click. After the automatic switch will be included, it is recommended to check up, how he spends an electric current, having connected an ohmmeter to switch plugs, before its installation.
Attention! If the stereoplayer of your car has coding system, check up, whether you know a code of activation of a player before an accumulator detachment.

5.2 On the majority of models of late years of release of the relay of the conditioner, fires of a stoplight and various other elements of an electric equipment are located near the block of safety locks in an impellent compartment

15.4. Burnt through crosspieces - the general description

15.6. The relay - the general description