Mitsubishi Colt (with 1983 for 1993 of release)
1. The maintenance instruction of cars Mitsubishi Colt / Lancer / Mirage / Galant / Eterna / Saporro / Sigma / Magna / Cordia / Tredia / Precis with 1983 for 1993 of release
1.1. The panel of devices
1.2. Chassis number
1.3. Engine number
1.4. The tablet with a car code
1.5. As much as possible admissible towed cargo, the trailer with brakes
1.6. Devices
1.7. Control and precautionary bulbs
1.8. Light switch
1.9. The switch of the index of turn and strip change
1.10. The switch of headlights and a washer
1.11. A sink of headlights
1.12. Type I - the Sink of back glass
1.13. Type II - the Sink of back glass
1.14. Antifog headlights
1.15. Internal illumination
1.16. Doors
1.17. The central lock
1.18. Blocking of a back door (if children go)
1.19. Cowl opening
1.20. A luggage carrier
1.21. A fuel tank
1.22. Электростеклоподъемники
1.23. Hatch opening
1.24. A digital watch
1.25. Places for storage of things
1.26. A ware box
1.27. A coaster
1.28. The aerial
1.29. Ventilation
1.30. Heating
1.31. Removal of snow with forward and lateral glasses
1.32. The conditioner
1.33. An external mirror with the electric drive
1.34. Tools and a jack
1.35. Safety locks
1.36. Bulbs
1.37. Antifog stop fires and backing fires
1.38. The engine
1.39. Greasing
1.40. Elimination of malfunctions
1.41. Care of the car
1.42. An impellent compartment
1.42.1. Service of system of cooling
1.42.2. Check of level of a cooling liquid
1.42.3. Loss of a cooling liquid
1.42.4. Does not work
1.42.5. Доливка a cooling liquid
1.42.6. The fan of system of cooling of the engine
1.42.7. Winter operation
1.42.8. Filling of a water tank
1.42.9. Service
1.42.10. The hydraulic booster of brakes
1.42.11. Check of level of a brake liquid
1.42.12. A brake liquid
1.42.13. Antiblocking system of brakes (АБС)
1.43. Wheels
1.44. A good advice for owners of the diesel car
2. Adjustment and current maintenance service
3. The engine
4. An engine partition
5. Systems of cooling, heating and an air conditioning
6. The power supply system and release of the fulfilled gases
7. An engine electric equipment
8. Systems of decrease in toxicity of exhausts
9. A mechanical transmission
10. An automatic transmission
11. Coupling and semiaxes
12. Brake system
13. A suspension bracket and a steering
14. A body
15. A body electric equipment



1.42.9. Service

For correct functioning of brake system following instructions have great value.
New overlays brake колодок should "get used", and consequently approximately on the first 200 km they yet do not possess optimum force of a friction. A little lowered brake action can be compensated stronger pressing a brake pedal.
On a bias brake action of the engine can be used by means of timely switching on the lowest step of a transmission. Thanks to it, loading from brake system acts in film If it is required to execute additional braking it should occur not in a long mode, and through intervals
Under certain conditions operation, for example, after overcoming of water barriers, at a strong rain or sinks of the car owing to damp or during winter time of the freezed brake disks and overlays action of brakes can come with a delay.
At movement on the roads strewed by salt, the full brake effect too can come with a delay if for a long time brakes did not come into effect - the salt layer on brake disks and brake overlays at braking should be at first сошлифован.
Deterioration of brake overlays in the big degree depends on conditions of operation and a way of management. Therefore especially in cars which often make trips on a city and on short distances, or management with which it is carried out rather correctly, during the period between the intervals specified in respect of works on servicing, there can be a requirement for check of reliability of brake overlays.
If the pedal course suddenly increases, means, the contour of a brake drive of brake system with a two-planimetric drive has failed.
The signal about refusal of a contour of a brake  drive  moves  fire of a control lamp of braking.
It is necessary to check regularly level of a brake liquid-look further.

1.42.8. Filling of a water tank

1.42.10. The hydraulic booster of brakes