Mitsubishi Colt (with 1983 for 1993 of release)
1. The maintenance instruction of cars Mitsubishi Colt / Lancer / Mirage / Galant / Eterna / Saporro / Sigma / Magna / Cordia / Tredia / Precis with 1983 for 1993 of release
2. Adjustment and current maintenance service
3. The engine
4. An engine partition
5. Systems of cooling, heating and an air conditioning
6. The power supply system and release of the fulfilled gases
7. An engine electric equipment
7.1. Technical characteristics
7.2. The general information
7.3. The accumulator - start of the engine by means of the second accumulator
7.4. The accumulator - removal and installation
7.5. Accumulator wires - check and replacement
7.6. Ignition system - the general description and safety measures
7.7. Ignition system - check
7.8. The ignition coil - check and replacement
7.9. The ignition distributor - removal and installation
7.10. Vacuum-proof-reader of a corner of an advancing of ignition - check and replacement
7.11. An igniter - replacement
7.12. Check and replacement of reception coil Cordia / Tredia 1.8L Turbo [1984 and 1985); Colt, Lancer, Mirage 1.6L (1985)
7.13. A centrifugal regulator - check and replacement of elements
7.14. An air backlash of the reception coil of the distributor of ignition - check and adjustment
7.15. System of additional charge of the accumulator - the general description and safety measures
7.16. System of additional charge of the accumulator - check
7.17. The generator - removal and installation Cordia, Precis and Tredia
7.18. A pressure regulator / generator brushes - replacement 1988 Precis (with generator Bosch)
7.19. System of start of the engine - the general description and safety measures
7.20. A starter - check
7.21. A starter - removal and installation
7.22. The involving relay of a starter - removal and installation
8. Systems of decrease in toxicity of exhausts
9. A mechanical transmission
10. An automatic transmission
11. Coupling and semiaxes
12. Brake system
13. A suspension bracket and a steering
14. A body
15. A body electric equipment



7.2. The general information

The system of an electric equipment of the engine includes all elements of system of ignition, gymnastics of the accumulator and engine start.
At care of an electric equipment observe following rules
1) Observe extreme care at check of details and electric equipment devices At wrong  connection,   or  the inept  reference of the device of an electric equipment of the engine quickly fail
2) At the idle engine it is forbidden to leave ignition included for a while большее 10 minutes.
3). It is forbidden to disconnect cables from the battery on the working engine.
4). At emergency start-up of the engine from the battery of other car observe polarity of connection of the battery.
5]. Always disconnect the battery from weight first of all, and connect to weight during the latest moment, in avoidance закорачивания batteries the tool by which plugs are tightened.
Before the beginning of the works described in the present Chapter, also will not prevent to familiarise with the security measures stated in section of "Security measure" in the beginning of the given Management.

7.1. Technical characteristics

7.3. The accumulator - start of the engine by means of the second accumulator