Mitsubishi Colt (with 1983 for 1993 of release)
1. The maintenance instruction of cars Mitsubishi Colt / Lancer / Mirage / Galant / Eterna / Saporro / Sigma / Magna / Cordia / Tredia / Precis with 1983 for 1993 of release
2. Adjustment and current maintenance service
3. The engine
4. An engine partition
5. Systems of cooling, heating and an air conditioning
6. The power supply system and release of the fulfilled gases
7. An engine electric equipment
8. Systems of decrease in toxicity of exhausts
9. A mechanical transmission
10. An automatic transmission
11. Coupling and semiaxes
12. Brake system
12.1. Technical characteristics
12.2. The general description
12.3. System of antiblocking of brakes (АБС) - the general description
12.4. Brake overlays of disk brakes (forward and back) - replacement
12.5. A support of a disk brake - removal, a partition and installation
12.6. A brake disk - survey, removal and installation
12.7. Brake колодки drum-type brakes - replacement
12.8. The wheel cylinder - removal, a partition and installation
12.9. The main cylinder of brake system - removal, a partition and installation
12.10. The valve of restriction of pressure - removal and installation
12.11. Brake hoses and tubes - check and replacement
12.12. Prorolling of brake system
12.13. A servoamplifier of brakes - check, removal and installation
12.14. Manual
12.15. Ropes of a manual brake - replacement
12.16. The switch of fires of a stoplight - removal, installation and adjustment
13. A suspension bracket and a steering
14. A body
15. A body electric equipment



12.15. Ropes of a manual brake - replacement

1. Remove the central console.
2. Turn off an adjusting nut of a removed rope.
3. Lift a back part of the car and remove a back wheel.
4. Remove a brake drum and колодки.
5. Disconnect a rope from the lever on a brake.

14.6 Remove the E-shaped clip and stretch a rope through a brake guard

6. Remove the E-shaped clip, крепящий a rope to a guard of a brake (14.6) and stretch a rope through a guard.

14.7 Elements of fastening of a rope of a manual brake
1. Not
It is used
2. A counternut
3. An adjusting nut
4. The balance weight
5. A forward rope
6. The switch alarm llamas of a kidney of a manual brake     
7. The lever of a manual brake
8. It is not used
9. A clip
10. The plug
11. The rope end
12. The E-shaped clip
13. A back rope

7. Get a rope from clips on the longitudinal lever of a suspension bracket (14.7).

14.8 Remove back sitting and unbend a carpet covering for access reception to clip bolts (are specified by arrows) - turn off only a bolt, крепящий a removed rope (model Precis is shown)

8. Remove back sitting. Lift a carpet covering, turn off a bolt of a clip and get a rope from a clip (14.8). Stretch a rope in salon.
9. Installation is spent upside-down removals. After installation end adjust a manual brake.

12.14. Manual

12.16. The switch of fires of a stoplight - removal, installation and adjustment